"The leaves of the tree are for healing the nations." - Rev. 22:2 


Traditional knowledge about the use of medicinal plants for herbal drinks, teas and spices have been used in indigenous communities since ancient civilizations.  Human use of plants as medicines was dated to at least the Middle Paleolithic age some 60,000 years ago. In fact, about 80% of the world’s population today, particularly in developing regions, relies on these kinds of traditional medicine practices to meet their health care needs.


Our unique blends of teas, decoctions, fruit drinks and infusions are carefully formulated with time-honored botanicals to create a delicious, balanced flavorful experience whether served hot or cold. Enjoy our trusted products anytime, in the morning, afternoon or bedtime for a little boost of healthy goodness and relaxation.


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Organically grown, natural Herbs, Spices and Teas from the tropical regions of Ghana, West Africa.

Our herbal teas & nutritional supplements are made from the leaves, roots, fruits or flowers from Mother Nature. 

Leaves of Eden Tea blends are perfectly delicious with hot, or iced in our ready-to-drink herbal tea packages.

 "The merchants of Sheba & Raamah traded with you; for your merchandise they exchanged the finest of all kinds of spices & precious stones, and gold. Ezekiel 27:22

Exotic, Healing Tea Blends from Africa and other Indigenous Cultures

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